Product Review: Elixir Number 1

Elixir – a sweetened, aromatic solution utilized as an automobile for medicinal substances. Some could even call it a liquid that is magical could cure infection or expand life.

Well, Quebec based LP, The Hydropothecary has just introduced a whole new Product in the global world of appropriate cannabis and Canada – Elixir No. 1.

Elixir No. 1 is a sublingual oil spray that provides 2.5 mg of THC per pump in a slight peppermint flavor. Each 15 tube that is ml of # 1 has as much as 400 mg of THC and may be advantageous to about 150 doses or ‘pumps’. This will be unlike any oil that is current from every other LP in the united states. All the Oils are delivered via a dropper or syringe, therefore you can wind uphaving a stomach packed with oil based in your dose.

But Elixir # 1 is an oil mist that dances lightly under your tongue and vanishes sublingually in only a matter of seconds. The Hydropothecary is unlike any kind of LP in Canada. They pride by themselves on being one step ahead into the appropriate cannabis game and also first-class items and packaging. Whenever my Purolator delivery arrived with my Elixir, it came bound in a package with a ribbon that is beautiful.

In, things simply got also classier.

Underneath the muscle, a treasure was found by me of goodies. Stickers, informative data on the item. a really good pen and scratch pad in addition to a full-size Lindt Chocolate brown Mint club.

Needless to say, the spray that is actual there too. Sealed in a bag with directions, and in the branded pipe, the shrink wrapped spray is mostly about The size of a travel tube of pain killers — you know the look, the type or type you get during the check-out lane in the food store. But this discomfort killer won’t damage your liver and simply leaves your breathing feeling refreshed.

Since I have actually have a little bit of an increased threshold, I made a decision to begin with 10 pumps or aerosols under my tongue. That delivered about 25 mg of THC into my own body. The oil dissolved quite quickly in addition to minty freshness is fairly pleasant and appeared to continue for at the least 20 mins roughly.

It absolutely was about fifteen minutes following the minty-ness dissipated whenever I started initially to spot the impacts coming on. My lips was getting that familiar dryness, but we additionally noticed the corners of my lips beginning to turn north. The gnawing discomfort I sometimes be in my arms and right back after sitting within my desk all the time has disappeared and there’s some extremely psychoactive that is mild results.

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The’ that is‘high with THC can often be a bit unforgiving in the event that you just simply take a lot of consequently they are inexperienced, but i came across this to be estimate relaxing – very nearly CBD-like in impacts.

The Hydropothecary has stated it will likely be continuing the relative type of Elixir having a high CBD version along with a 1:1 fundamentally. This product that is freshly minted (pardon the pun) changes the legal cannabis game in Canada and it is a welcomed differ from what’s currently in the marketplace.